Left Behind…

BIRTHDAYS! For most people, hearing that word probably brings some level of joy, happiness, excitement, etc. All positive things. I mean who doesn’t love another birthday? It means you’ve made it another year of life, you’re that much wiser. Recently I had my 26th birthday, but I didn’t really feel any of those positive emotions. 26 isn’t exactly a cool number to be turning. You have 18 which means you’re a legal adult, 20 because you’re out of your teens, 21 the legal age to drink, and 25 is generally the age where adulthood begins to set in, and more importantly your insurance goes down. I really enjoyed being 25. Whenever someone would ask me my age I would proudly say 25 because it was an age where I felt people took me seriously. I was no longer the baby of the group anymore, little immature Mikey. And then on July 17th I woke up, and I almost felt sad. How could I go from being a happy 25 year old to a sad 26 year old in a matter of 12 hours? Rather, WHY was I turing into a sad 26 year old? What was it about that age that was so depressing? A couple weeks after my birthday I sat down with a good friend of mine, who happens to be a pastor. We were catching each other up on our lives and what was going on. At some point during the conversation the question was posed to me; “so how are you doing?”. Usually I would answer this question with a simple “I’m doing good” or “things are great” (now before you go and judge me, don’t act like you don’t do the same thing haha. The next time someone asks you “how are you?”, think about how easy it is for the word “good” to enter your mouth and you give an unconscious response) if I was having a conversation with someone who I wasn’t that close with. But this was one of my best friends, so I told him the truth. I told him that I was having a hard time being 26. I had this image in my mind of what life as a 26 year old is supposed to look like. I felt like in the church (the church as an entire body, not one specific church) as a 26 year old there were certain things that you should have in your life already. You should be married (I’m currently single with only one girlfriend in my life), probably should have a kid or thinking about it (I can’t even keep my pet fish alive yet alone a human being), and looking to buy a house (I live in an apartment with a roommate). These were all things I believed were part of how your life should look at age 26. Now I know everyone’s life is different and people go through seasons at all different times, but this is me beging honest. I felt like I was somehow behind in life for all of the things I didn’t have. And maybe you’re right there with me. Maybe for you it’s easy to look at a peer’s life and all that they have and compare it to your’s causing you to feel inferior. I know at times it’s easy for me to.


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